AQAR 2022-23 Documents

Metrices No. Title Documents
2.1 Seats Earmarked for Reserved Category as per GOI/ State rule during the year View
3.2 Sanctioned post during the year View
1.1.1 The institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well-planned and documented process  


Teaching Plan View
Work Diaries of Teachers (Sample) View
Academic Timetable View
1.1.2 The institution adheres to the Academic Calendar View
1.1.3 Teachers Participation in Curriculum Development View
1.2.1 Programme with choice-based credit system/ elective course system/ syllabus View
1.4.1 Feedback Report View
1.4.2 Feedback Collected, Analysed and Action Taken View
2.1.1 List of Students enrolled during the year View
2.2.1 Programmes for Advanced and Slow Learners View
2.3.1 Experiential Learning, Participative Learning and Problem solving View
2.3.2 Use of ICT for Teaching-Learning View
2.6.2 Attainment of POs & COs – Result Summar View
CRITERION – 3 Workshops on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Entrepreneurship View Research papers in the Journals notified on UGC website View Books and Chapters in edited volume View
3.4.2 Awards & Recognitions View Extension and outreach programmes View Students Participated in Extension Activities View Functional MOUs View
4.1.1 Infrastructure and Physical Facilities for Teaching- Learning View
4.1.2 Facilities for Cultural, sports, Games, Gymnasium etc. View
4.1.3 Classroom and Seminar hall with ICT-enabled facilities View
4.2.1 Screenshots of Library Management Software View
4.2.2 Subscription to E-Resources View
4.2.3 Statement of Books Purchased and Journal Subscription View
4.2.4 Foot falls & Login data for online access View
4.3.1 Updation of IT facilities and Wi-Fi View
4.3.3 Bandwidth of Internet Connection View
4.4.1 Expenditure incurred on maintenance of infrastructure View
5.1.1 Government Scholarships View
Non-Government Agencies Scholarships View
5.1.4 Guidance for competitive examination and career counselling View
5.2.1 Outgoing Students Placed during the year View
5.2.2 Students Progressing to Higher Education during the year View
5.3.3 Participation of Students in activities View
5.4.1 Alumni Engagement View
6.1.1. Institutional Vision and Leadership View
6.1.2 Decentralization and Participative Management View
6.1.2 Career Mantra Documents View
6.2.1 Strategy Development and Deployment View
6.2.3 Implementation of E-Governance View
6.3.1 Welfare measures for Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff View
6.3.2 Seminar/Workshop Ledgers View
6.3.3 FDP, Professional Development /Administrative Training Programs View Professional Development / Administrative Training Programmes View Faculty Development Programmes View
6.3.5 Performance Appraisal for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff View
6.4.1 Auditor’s Report and Financial Statement View Details of Funds/ Grants received from Non-Government Bodies, Individuals and Philanthropist View
6.5.1 IQAC Quality Assurance Strategies and Processes View
6.5.3 Annual Report View
7.1.1 Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan View
7.1.1 Photos – Facilities available in college premises View
7.1.9 Value Addition View
7.1.9 Value Addition – Photos View
7.1.11 Photos of National and International Days Celebration View
7.2.1 Reference link for Best Practice-1 View
7.2.2 Reference link for Best Practice-2 View
7.2.2 Best Practices View