Principal’s Message

Dear Students

An institution is a temple of learning where we worship the goddess of knowledge. We the Principal, staff and students offer our worship in this temple of learning- our Manjunatha College of Commerce, Thakurli in the form of hardwork, dedication, self-discipline and an endeavor for excellence. We are all poised on the threshold of our history where the economy as well as the system of education is witnessing a series of changes which are unprecedented. In the present turbulent times India has emerged as a powerful nation on the world map. That the youth of India must be prepared for the future challenges is the need of the hour. It´s a Herculian task. We at Manjunatha College of Commerce endeavor to equip our students with all the skill-sets required to face the challenges of life.

While striving to achieve this we also remember, “ Man is neither mere intellect, nor the gross animal body, nor the heart or soul alone. A proper and harmonious combination of all the three is required for the making of the whole man and constitutes the economics of education.” M. K. Gandhi.

As the whole world has shrunken to the size of a global village, we aim at widening the mental horizon of our students so that they develop the ability to meet the global challenges confidently. Our endeavor is also to shape up our students as the models of liberated Indian womanhood strongly attached to their time-tested value system. For the womenfolk an effective step to liberty is economic independence. As an effective tool many professional courses are being run successfully and the placement Cell is busy building up alliances with various companies so as to ensure jobs for our students.

In India, the University of Mumbai is famous for its quality education imparted in the renowned educational institutions. Manjunatha College of Commerce is one of them. Here the student community is privileged and feels inspired by the multicultural atmosphere and academic excellence of its teaching faculty. Along with academics students are given opportunities to develop and discover their talents in co-curricular activities. The campus has best of the facilities and IT enabled infrastructure to realize their potential. At Manjunatha College we provide competitive and challenging educational environment which demands continuous updates of knowledge, information and technology. Education here is focused on the overall growth of a student transforming him into a confident, capable and decisive individual who can translate his dreams into reality. The aim is to foster good values and make him a responsible citizen of India and of the world community at large. Manjunatha College of Commerce has successfully established synergy between the vibrancy of the youth and the wisdom of the experienced faculty members which makes learning an enriching experience. The dynamic team of Manjunatha College with its vision and dedication makes the graduating experience at Manjunatha College of Commerce a milestone in the student´s career.

Throughout the year the campus vibrates with activities—-competitions, group discussions, quizzes, brain storming academic sessions, cultural functions, NSS projects & camps, extension lectures, sports activities, clubs and societies activities, besides others. All these are the tools being effectively put to use to realize our vision. Dear parents be rest assured that the stay of their wards in this college will be quite rewarding and fruitful.

I warmly Invite you to become a member of this family and let your hidden potential be unearthed and unleashed in this premier educational institution. Discover the capabilities with enthusiasm. It is a proven fact that the enthusiasm itself is the greatest asset. The highly skilled and dedicated staff of the college is pleased to guide you in anything you want ¬ be it academics, co-academics and even if it is any counseling that may be needed in some personal matters. May I assure you, you can live your dreams in the sacred precincts of Karnataka Sangha with the blessings of LORD MANJUNATHA.

Experience it yourself.

Dr. V.S Adigal
Manjunatha College of Commerce