Women’s Development Cell

“To prevent and deter the commission of any act of harassment, including sexual harassment and to provide the procedure for resolution, settlement, or prosecution of acts of sexual harassment by taking all required steps. Women shall have right to gender equality and to work with dignity and to have working environment safe and protected from sexual harassment or abuse and appropriate work conditions in respect to health and hygiene” In order to meet the above objective the Women’s Development Cell of Manjunatha College is formed under the convenership of Asst.Prof.Vrunda Yadwad. This creates awareness among the girls and the women staff, apart from maintaining congenial working environment for all the women employees and students. The cell also aims to spread awareness about legal rights of women and the need and importance of women empowerment.

Women Development Cell:
Asst.Prof.Vrunda Yadwad I/c
B.COM Degree Course Self-Finance Courses
Asst. Prof.Priyanka Sakhare Asst. Prof. Suchitra Poojari
Asst. Prof.Preeti Poojary Asst. Prof.Pushkar Deshpande
Asst. Prof.Jyoti Chand
Asst. Prof. Shraddha Singh