Computer Labs

The college has two computer labs with 45 computers to enhance the learning process and enable the proper conduct of the University prescribed courses. The networked systems are configured to allow individual internet access from all the computers. Students have extensive and free access to the internet for surfing as well as email. Both the computer labs are fully Air conditioned and are well equipped with LCD projector, Printers, Scanners.


The college auditorium is on the ground floor and it can accommodate around 160 students. Equipped with full-fledged audio-visual equipment and a digital projection system, the college auditorium is the stage for numerous important academic and cultural events throughout the year.


The canteen is the hub of out-of-class discussions and exchange of information. It is located at the basement of the college building with a seating capacity for about 30 students. Various eatables and beverages are served to the students and staff members in this canteen at reasonable rates.


College Gymkhana is situated in the basement of the college building, which caters to the varying interests of the Institution. The sports department of the college undertake several indoor sports activities along with the outdoor sports events. The day to day activities of the Gymkhana are maintained by Student representative and professor in-charge. The Gymkhana is well equipped with the best equipment’s and facilities.

Health counselling cell

The Health Counselling cell is well equipped with Medical Examination bed, hospital bed, stretcher, wheel Chair, first aid kit etc. The doctor’s visit every Tuesday & Friday 10:00am to 12:00pm at Health Counselling Room. Emergency First AID Kit is also made available at Security cabin, NSS Room & Gymkhana. Regular training programs are conducted to students and staff to deal with medical emergency conditions.

Diesel Generator

For an institution of higher learning like a university, a power outage could result in time and money losses for students and the faculty. Important data may vanish and vital equipment could be damaged. It may also be impossible to carry out some power and time-based experiments during the outage. Hence to deal with frequent power failures our college has 24 x 7 Diesel generator with the capacity of 82.5 KVA for uninterrupted power supply.