The Department of Commerce has an active Commerce Association, which keeps on recharging students with lots of activities and programmes related to various areas of business.

The Commerce Association comprises of teaching staff from the commerce faculty and few student representatives from each class.

  1. To provide practical insight to students on various aspects related to business, industry and commerce.
  2. To inculcate team spirit among students.
  3. To develop leadership, entrepreneurial and organising skills among the students.
  4. To enrich the knowledge of students through fun based activities.
  5. To act as a catalyst in the process of overall development of students.

The Commerce Association undertakes various activities like:

  1. Audio-visual Advertising Competition
  2. Ad -mad show
  3. Group Discussion/ Debate/ Elocution on contemporary issues in the areas of business.
  4. Business quiz
  5. Exhibition
  6. One day industrial visit or field trip, and so on.

The Economics Colloquium aims to inculcate interest among the students in Economics by holding workshops, various activities like Group Discussion, Guest lectures etc., and various competitions like Elocution, Economics Quiz, Essay writing, Poster-making, Crossword etc.

The topics covered in these activities and competitions are widely related to economics, politics at regional and national level.

The Accountancy Association organizes Special Lecture Series for students appearing for B.Com & BAF students. The Association conducts various Accountancy, Investment, Finance and Taxation related Programmes, Conducts subject related Quiz Competitions, Provide special guidance to the students pursuing for CPT/PCC/CMA/MBA Examinations.

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