Student Research Cell

Student members of the Quality Circle of the academic year 2017-18 initiated the establishment of the Student Research Cell. This Cell with the encouragement of the teachers and the IQAC strives to create a culture of research amongst the student community. To further the spirit of enquiry, every year the Student Research Cell conducts intercollegiate conferences on issues related to the youth.

The Department of Business Communication and IQAC has been organising Student Research Conferences since 2015-16 centred on the theme of the year. In 2015-18 the conference was on ‘Reading’; in the year 2016-17 it was on ‘Environmental Sustainability: Issues at the nexus of a better tomorrow.’ In 2017- 18 the Cell organized two intercollegiate student research conferences – ‘Youth & Wellness: Body, Mind & Spirit’ on 22nd February, 2018 and ‘Gender Sensitization’ on 15th March 2018. Last year a conference on ‘Youth and Relational Values’ was organised on 23rd February 2019. The research papers were published in Student Research Journal.