Instructions to candidates regarding Examinations
  1. Be on time.Bring Identity cards. A candidate who is late by more than 15 minutes without a satisfactory reason shall not be admitted to the examination hall.
  2. Answer separate sections in separate books. Examiners do not undertake to examine answers written in the wrong book. Tie together all answer books related to the same paper of section and enter your number on the title page of the first answer book.
  3. Exchange of all writing materials, pencils and even mathematical instruments, etc., is strictly prohibited. Ask the supervisor in case anything is needed but do not leave the seat on any time,nor the examination hall during the last ten minutes.
  4. A candidate is liable to be instantly expelled if she/he:
    • Keeps with her/her any book, notes or scribbling paper.
    • Speaks to, or communicates in any other way with another candidate.
    • Disobeys any instructions issued by the senior or the junior supervisor or is guilty of rude or disobedient behavior.