Our Alumni is our greatest indirect strength. They keep our college flag flying by their outstanding contribution in their chosen fields. They directly represent us and exhibit before the world that the quality of education imparted by our college is useful for them to climb the ladders of their profession and reach the top. They also help us to raise funds for further development. They employ our students on preferential basis. They provide us with the feedback for further progress of the college.

Manjunatha College is proud to present the Alumni portal, which allows all our venerated students who have passed out of the institution and have been a fundamental part of the educational experience to revive their memories attached to Manjunatha College. The Alumni portal presents an opportunity for the Alumni to relive the Manjunatha College experience, share and collaborate with each other. The Alumni network is structured in a fashion that it provides a platform for communication, networking and more importantly it allows the Manjunatha College Alumni to contribute to the society in their own unique manner. The Alumni regularly arranges motivational and inspirational lectures, workshops and seminars. The Alumni constantly interacts with our students and encourages them to venture into new opportunities of business, professional and private jobs.